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Hi Yall,

These bikes seem to be a dime a dozen over there in the Americas. Over here in Aus, they are not so common.
I have recently purchased this (unregistered) bike from an older gent who said it sat in his garage for the past eight years.
It is my first bike.... (I'm Green as!).:mrgreen:
It started rough and blew white smoke out of RH pipe

First steps,

-Found a web-based copy of the service manual. Not complete
-Dropped all fuel and oil > replaced with spec oil and new filter
-Checked plugs > good spark
-Adjusted Valve clearance to spec.
Carbs (complicated little beasts)
-Bought a carb kit
-Purchased Larrys Carb Servicing book, pulled carbs and serviced. (CX500/Gl500 Carb book)
-Replaced battery
-Polished > polished some more.

She seems to be running well and starts easily. However, I have no idea what I'm doing. :confused:
The whole mixture screws/Idle screw/air screw/carb sync, thing is a bit confusing and as I don't have a good ear for it.
I going to take to a "trained professional" to get it tuned correctly.
Pulled the plugs to assess and its definitely running rich. Screwing mixture screws in didn't fix this.
Also, some white smoke is present on RH pipe on startup but does not seem to last but its hard to check whilst riding.:D
anyway, that's for another post.

The plan is to keep her reasonably original, maybe a new seat, mirrors and possibly re-jet the carbs at a later stage.

Just wanted to say G'day and thanks. This site is a great resource for knowledge and I'm hooked.

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Welcome aboard. PM sent about the FSM, factory service manual.
Carb adjustment isn't too difficult after the carbs are sync'd. Get the engine hot, ride 2-3 miles, and park on the center stand. Set idle speed to 1200. Pick a carb and adjust the mixture screw to get the highest idle speed, if you get up to or over 1300 then readjust the idle speed back down. Repeat on the other carb. Ride it again for a few miles and repeat the process.

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PM Received. Thanks Legend
I'll give it a go once the sun comes out.
To clarify:
You are setting the idle with the idle screw at 1200 first then adjusting the mixture screws to highest idle speed but not above 1300. If above 1300, Idle screw/speed adjustment is required.
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