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WTF! I have no rear break!

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ok ok, i know this should be a simple one, but ive tried it all, hammer, visegrips, wd-40, shear patience and time....NOTHING has worked to loosen my rear break cable from the doodad ....ive even stood on my rear break lever! ideas? anyone had this one happen to them before? if so what was the fix? Also, how do i find out exactly which break shoes i need? I havent a clue exactly what these wheels are off of, and ive previously tried 3 different sets, none of which worked....i seriously am in need of some help! Thanks!


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Is the rear brake currently locked up tight? Judging by the lever position it looks that way? Cable stretched out?

GB :mrgreen:
I think what he's trying to say is that the threaded portion of the cable is actually stuck in the round "nut" that goes into the lever. The threads are probably crossed/ruined, and by standing on the brake lever and using it that way, it more than likely made things even worse. It may have to be "manhandled" to get it out. You may ruin some parts in the process, but I wouldn't be riding that bike i traffic like it is. :shock:

You might try threading the adjuster nut on the end, all the way to the end and then smacking it with a plasic or rubber mallet. Hold the brake lever on the brake assembly still while you're doing this. Also use some good penetrating oil.

As for the shoes once you get it all apart there will be a number on the metal part of the shoes. You can reference that number with the EBC shoe numbers and get replacements.

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1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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