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WTB: Amen Savior frame

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OK, after getting screwed by an auction sniper site, my awesome Amen frame has been lost to another guy. So, let me plead here...... I reeeeeeaaaaallllllyyyy want an Amen Savior or rigid Amen frame for CB350 motors. I can find a million for CB750s, but I have, to date, seen only 2 for sale for 350s. Someone has to know where one is to be had, or has one???????

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Re: RAGE!!!!!
New postby -Matt- on 07 Oct 2008, 21:34


your going to be so pissed....

I was the one who bought it

I Found this reply to a twin topic on metricunderground.
I laughed my ass off!

I feel for ya, but that's funny stuff.
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