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wiring loomtape cb450 grey

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Anybody out there know of a supplier of grey CB450 colour (Non sticky) wiring loom tape.Can only find sticky type insulation tape here in the UK.Just want a roll for patching old looms and as we all know especially in area into headlight.Regards Chris.
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Chris....Wipe the 'sticky" off with a good solvent (gasoline, laquer thinner, etc)....Have a friend re-roll it up as you go.... Perfect for such repair/replacements..... Steve
Never thought of that. Good idea thanks.
I use for my pre-1980's japanese wiring needs. Absolutely great folk who'll put together special orders dependign on your needs. Don't hesitate to email them with your request for gray tape. Good luck and enjoy, danWI

p.s. i've added a link to the VENDORS folder for future reference
Brilliant ,just what I need.Have put order in. Regards & thanks.Chris in the UK.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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