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Wiring in new halogen headlamp

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I was at the local auto parts store and found a h4 lamp that should work-size appears right and watts seem ok. My question is- the back of the new bulb has 3 metal tabs coming out. The back of the old lamp has the wires hardwired to the bulb. Can I just cut the wires off the old lamp and hook them directly up to the new halogen bulb via the tabs on back of the bulb? Or is there more to it than this? I need to change out the old lamp and and wondering how to go about this.
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You can get a three connector socket that matches the spade connectors on the back of the bulb. Once that's wired into the bike's wiring harness, you just plug it onto the back of the bulb or any subsequent headlight you install.
Yes, it just wires to the existing headlight wires. Green is the ground - I don't remember what the others are by colour code, but that's not hard to figure out by testing them before crimping the connections. you can get spray can ignition sealer at an auto parts store - doesn't hurt to spray the connections in the headlight shell to protect against corrosion.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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