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Hi all,

So I got my motorbike back from the mechanic two weeks ago to fix the starter cluch.

To do this he needed to open the left crankcase reuqiring draining and replacing oil followed by replacing gasket.

The past few mornings I have noticed two small oil stains about 10 cm apart under the motorobike on its left side toward the front.

The past couple of rides I've noticed white smoke coming of the front end when the bike gets hot. Pulling up home tonight it was smoking more than ever. Its accompanied by a strange smell I can't quite place, maybe burning oil or something.

Any idea whats going on? How to diagnose or what I can do about it?

Bike is a 1989 Honda cd250u.

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Sounds like the side case cover gasket isn't sealing. Maybe wasn't replaced or if it was the surfaces weren't cleaned completely. Check that the bolts are tight first. If it continues to leak then the shop should fix it at no charge.
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