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Where to get Keihin Main and Slow Jets?

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Sorry to sound like a broken record about these carburetors on my bike, but I am a total noob on this stuff :D

Anywho, I am looking for smaller jets for my Keihin CB450 carbs (CV type, 5-speed 14H), specifically a #35 slow jet and a range of #100 to #130 main jets. However, in looking at websites like jetsrusand others, the diagrams that they have for their jets do not match up the ones I have in my carbs.
One one hand I can get a CB360 carb rebuild kit and get a #35 slow jet that matches up with the 450 one (main jet is questionable). Or I can try my luck with just getting the jets alone through Honda OEM parts (from a CB360) through a dealer and risk having them be out of stock since ages ago. Are there any other resources?

Once again, sorry if this is really basic stuff, you are going to have to dumb this stuff down to a 10 year old level for me :lol:
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Yeah I was asking and asking about this same thing 2 months ago but apparently no-one knew coz I got no real answers. In the end I ordered NOS ones from CMS, combined with carb kits from siriusinc.
krukster86 said:
If any CB360'ers out there are watching this thread in anticiaption of replacing their carbs, here is the setup I have right now:
I'm totally keeping an eye on this one. Someday us 360 guys will have enough of these little gems of knowledge to compile a 360 page at the bottom of Hondatwins board index, under the 450 page :)
Cant help ya there Kruk, I'm going stock all the way.
krukster86 said:
Oh I are one of THEM
Well yeah....but I am always on the lookout for extra fenders and seat pans, carbs and pipes, that I can trim up and keep as bolt on dress clothes if I ever get tired of the stock look. I like the idea of keeping a couple sets of bike 'clothes' to play with, ya know, when theres nothin left to fix :cool:
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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