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Where to get Keihin Main and Slow Jets?

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Sorry to sound like a broken record about these carburetors on my bike, but I am a total noob on this stuff :D

Anywho, I am looking for smaller jets for my Keihin CB450 carbs (CV type, 5-speed 14H), specifically a #35 slow jet and a range of #100 to #130 main jets. However, in looking at websites like jetsrusand others, the diagrams that they have for their jets do not match up the ones I have in my carbs.
One one hand I can get a CB360 carb rebuild kit and get a #35 slow jet that matches up with the 450 one (main jet is questionable). Or I can try my luck with just getting the jets alone through Honda OEM parts (from a CB360) through a dealer and risk having them be out of stock since ages ago. Are there any other resources?

Once again, sorry if this is really basic stuff, you are going to have to dumb this stuff down to a 10 year old level for me :lol:
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Yeah thats my problem. The jets that came with my bike have weird unrecognizable jets so it makes it hard to pick out which ones I need. The #38 slow jet in the carbs looks like N424-22 and N424-24, but it is only 21 mm long, and is from an aftermarket Keyster CB450 kit. The #150 main jet that was originally in the carbs looks like 99101-806 or 99101-124, but grounded down shorter with a file or something to fit in the carbs. The #130 I have now is also from a Keyster CB450 kit, which I am still having trouble ID'ing on the charts.
No probs, Steve (who is saving my ass for the 532nd time) is taking a look into this
Thanks for the update Lee, I actually have an update myself. I confirmed that the #35 slow jet from a CB360 will fit the CB450 (same dimensions), so I ordered a set from one of my trusted dealers (150 miles away :lol: ). I've gpt my fingers crossed that they are in stock. I am going to hold off on messing with the main jets till I have the idle/low rev issue figured out. I can't wait to try out the brand new ignition!

What I may end up doing is trying out these dudes: ... ain%20Jets ... 28-xxx.htm

and hoping for the best :roll:
eh, the CRC2 jets came in, def not the right ones :lol: back to the post office they go.

If any CB360'ers out there are watching this thread in anticiaption of replacing their carbs, here is the setup I have right now:
No Air Filters, #36 slow jet, #130 main jet. It runs pretty well considering the last setup. There are sporadic backfire pops on deceleration, maybe adding some air filters will help out.
Now this thread is starting to take a different turn. What aftermarket air filters are you CB360 guys rockin'? The conical pod filters that I think of look like they would have interference issues with the frame and the battery box. I am thinking maybe Uni pod filters would be the best option?
Oh I are one of THEM :lol:
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