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Where does this go?

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1975 CB 360t I've fully restored and upgraded by hand. Almost to the end and I can't remember where this goes. Hand sanded every part and rattled can after that. All new bearing/brakes/tires/electrical/hoses/ get the point. Tank and side panels are about to get here from the paint dude and I have no idea where this goes. I'll post a pic as well as a pic I took of the bike earlier. It was a mess when I got it.
Let me know as soon as possible


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Hello? Am I doing this wrong or should I ask in another part of the forum? I've asked in other forums and still have received no answer. Help if you can and if this is a dumb question, I'll figure it out eventually.
Thanks all. Found it. Goes to the Horn but I didn't notice it because my new horn had a chrome bracket to hold it and I used that one. I'm going to put the factory one back on because of the rubber inserts that should have a vibration reduction (a bit).
Thanks everyone.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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