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I recently decided to tackle a wheel build for my '74 CB360 with a front drum, and got excited and ended up with a couple MX rims before I even thought about the drill angle >..<

The rims I so rashly purchased are excel takasagos, 1.85 x 18 for the front and 2.15 x 18 for the rear. I also already purchased new tires to replace the 100/90 front and 110/90 rear tires that were already on it, which I hope should be about the right size with the new rims.

Anyhow, I was going to order a couple of stainless spoke sets from buchanan's and was poking around trying to confirm the spoke lengths (particularly for an 18" front drum) and figure out if I should get 0.281 diameter nipples instead of 0.250 to fit the wheel better (I think the rims are drilled at 2.83), when I stumbled on a bit of an argument about the issue.

Little embarrassed to admit this, but I bought the rims cause I saw them listed on 4into1 with a convincing description, and amazon had them for a pretty good price. Damn amazon prime! They make it too easy. After rational thinking returned, I noticed 4into1 only had the 1.85, and I'm now realizing that they are likely there for the front with the much smaller disc brake hub, like you might find on a MX bike...

So heres my question(s):

1. Do you think I should proceed with the MX excel rims?
I'm leaning toward yes. I understand I may have to carefully remove a little from the lip of the drill hole...

2. If so should I go with the 0.281 nipples? or go stock 0.250 nipples with washers?
The smaller ones might provide the wiggle needed to align the spokes, but might be more sketchy than removing a little material from the drill hole?

3. Confirmation on spoke sizes? Also, anyone know what the bend angle is (90?) and the length of bend?

Spoke sizes:
Front (DRUM)
9 ga. (3.6mm dia), 154mm length, straight x 9 inner
9 ga. (3.6mm dia), 153.5mm length, straight x 9 outer

Rear (DRUM)
9 ga. (3.6mm dia), 158.5mm length, straight x 9 inner
9 ga. (3.6mm dia), 158mm length, straight x 9 outer

While I have not done a wheel build before, I'm fairly confident the job is within my means, even if it requires some slight rim modification. I've rebuilt just about every other thing on this bike, might as well go all the way. I'd just like to not have my wheel fall apart while doing 60 mph...

Also, I'm more looking for constructive input here so I can make a decision, not trying to start another argument about MX rims.

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Honda used Swaged spokes. I replaced my CB360 spokes with Stainless from Buchanan's. How big are the holes in your new rims? I used Mikes XS rims, and the holes were slightly larger than the nipples, but they did not need washers. You don;t want a tight fit, a slightly loose fit allows the nipple to shift a little which is good. A tight fit will stress the spoke as the nipple can't swivel with the spoke as the load changes. The movement is small, but repeated small movements can cause stress failurre over time. A little give relieves this stress. You can see the repoke on my build thread.

I wasn't sure about the hole size either, but I relied on CrazyPJ for advice and he had respokes his wheels with the same rims. A picture of the rims might be good. My rims are "H" cross section, like an MX rim. They wroked fine for me.
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