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What is my bike!

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Hi there, I'm new here.
I'm having a herd time figuring out exactly what I have. I'm pretty confident it's an 81 cm400t. But I can't find vin specifics to decode it.
The vin is #nc0129bm008954
Yet everything I find says it's either a 12 character or 17. Not 14.
Also, I think I have a carbon issue, the bike was barn kept in tx for 20 something years. 8k original miles. Single owner.
All I had to do was quick clean the carbs and put in a new battery and she fired right up! (not bad for $600) but anyway it smells richer that rockafeller when it's running and bogs down at about 3k, but if I restrict the airflow it climbs rpms smoother still but great thoughi. Any thoughts?
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from everything ive read it says the letter B indicates 1980
this is why im so confused.
also, on the mixture screws there is a strange tab the restricts it from being tightened or loosened more than about 7/8th of a turn, i feel like its running rich any remedy to this "cap"
Excellent! Thank you very much, is factory spec 2-1/4 turns out?
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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