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What exactly does the spark advancer do?

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I pulled off my points plate and the spark advancer was stuck open (springs stretched). It didn't want to easily come off so I brushed on some WD40 and worked them free. When I got them to move freely, they wouldn't "snap" back, as one of the springs was stretched and pretty loose. I carefully shortened it by about 3/4 ring and made a new bend without breaking it. It really seems to work nicely now, but time for bed and didn't have time to reassemble and try to run the bike. Tomorrow.

I guess I really don't know what the advancer does, and what would be the symptoms caused by a stuck one?
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The spark advancer basically uses centrifugal force to advance the timing at higher RPM's.

If it's stuck, it wont run for **** off idle. Make sure your springs are in tact and the whole assembly moves freely.

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