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I have a strange problem but probably an easy fix for someone that knows the electrical system on the CM200T 1980. The bike starts by kick , I was riding it and stopped for fuel and the bike with not accelerate past idle. Something happened to the electrical component while I was riding.

Here is the strange symptom. If I put the blinker on , put the high beam on, hold the horn button, hold the parking brake down, the engine will rev past idle. I can actually ride it around the parking lot like this minus the back brake .

So what does putting a load on the electrical system have to do with engine acceleration? I would assume the stator and magnetos are fine.?? Is there a voltage regulator issue? Sound advice from those that know these engines would be great . Tyvm.

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The only rpm limiter is when the valves float at extreme rpm. By adding electrical load to get rpm that suggests that the battery/charging/ignition system has a problem. Low available coil voltage will cause rpm loss/misfire. I would begin at the coil and work backwards from there.
Do you have the FSM?, you'll need it
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