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WANTED - CB/CL450 fork lock cover - WANTED

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Alright guys, help a brother out here.. :D

I need the little plastic cap that goes over the fork lock, on the bottom of the lower triple tree. Mine is all chewed up, and frankly after all of this powdercoat work and buying almost every part new, I can't see using this piece of crap. I can't find one on Ebay either. I don't often buy from other online retailers either.

Let me know what ya gots ;) I'll pay a very reasonable price for a nice one, especially if a picture is taken to show condition. I have Paypal and an itchy clicking finger... :lol:

OR I have some rear engine mount plates made from T6 aluminum, ready to polish and bolt on that I'd trade. Only drawback is they're thick as hell (6.20mm/1/4"), so you can't use the stock toolbox with them.

GB :mrgreen:
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GB -

I'm pretty sure I may have one of those, but it will tke a couple days to get out there and find it.

I'll get back to you on it.....
GB -

Just found one.
It's in good shape, but the little metal cover/flipper thing is rusty - no mounting screw either.
Yours if you want it......
GB -

PM me with your address, I'll mail it out probably on Friday.
No charge......
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