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Re: wanted cb/cl 350 title with frame or vin plate and title

DUDE!....Nothing personal and NO disrespect or aspersions of your character meant, BUT,....Selling a title and VIN plate without a frame is ILLEGAL in most states....So is asking someone to do it (conspiracy to commit theft by fraud)
There are USUALLY provisions in most state codes that allow re-titling for "abandoned" or "bill-of-sale", or "antique" vehicles, it just takes a lot of research and SOME form of proof you came by the vehicle honestly (gift, trade, found, whatever)......A NOTORIZED statement will often suffice..... Failing that, there are titling agencies that will do the leg-work for you (at a price)....
I hope you can find a rolling chassis, or "parts" bike with a blown/stuck engine that will suit.... Stamping ANY serial/VIN numbers or exchanging a VIN plate by an individual is a crime.
Sorry for the vehemence, but there are several of MY bikes out there.....I'd hate to run across an innocent person who just happened to have one in his possession without proof of provenance showing he came by it properly/legally....... NEVER accept or buy a vehicle without a signed, notorized bill of sale or transfer, a valid title in that person's name (not an "open" title), or valid registration (in several sates, that's all you get after the vehicle is so old)

Again, sorry for the outburst, this is one of my "pet peeves".....

Jason and other Moderators, feel free to delete or edit this if you deem it in any way inappropriate....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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