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Howdy folks,

Recently I was lucky enough to purchase a set of Buco saddlebags at Barber...think they were mainly used on '60s Honda Dreams. Example pictures below. They are the single reflector small bags. Anyway, I am looking for the original Buco mounting hardware OR a set of OEM pannier mounting hardware for a Honda CB350/CB360. I think I can modify or selectively use some of the hardware (either Buco or Honda) to mount them on my 1975 Honda CB360. It still has the stock rear hoop/fender. I also have a Triple A rack for the CB350/CB450s (shown below)...maybe these also had some additional brackets to mount bags on them? I have no idea!

I would also be interested in a single (or pair) of red Buco reflectors if anyone has a set for sale.


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