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Where do most people buy parts from? I have been cleaning up the bike I recently got out of the barn and found someone has put a hole in the oil pump screen (I guess they wanted a lazy way to check the valve?) I was hoping to get the bike running rather soon for the tags inspection so I went online to find a new screen and left and right crank cover gaskets and no one offered 2 day mail. I could make a new screen and gaskets but it would be nice to buy the correct ones instead. Any suggestions?

Here is my current wish list:

Need now:
Oil pump screen.
Left and right crank cover gaskets

Need eventually:
Starter (gear reduction type along with starter sprocket, chain, and entire starter clutch assembly)
Left foot peg
Right Engine mount with highway peg
Top engine mounts
Right crank Case cover
Front fork covers
Front Fender
Side Covers
Gas tank
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