I want a long oval modular helmet xl. It's almost impossible to find one in stock. Long oval is a hard find (I've got a weird head...ha) but I'll never buy anything that's not. No hot spots and a great fit. I have one in a full helmet and I've got a great one with blue tooth and chin mount for my GoPro. It's super solid but it's more for bigger rides that might include a lot of interstate, highways or places where speed and curves are to be enjoyed. I need the modular for the around town stuff I'll mostly do. If you have a used one, or know of a local dealer in your area that has one, let me know. If it's used, I don't one that's been in a crash. Don't mind scratches just no big hits/drags.
I'd like to set it up with the same blue tooth and chin mount.
Let me know please