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Well so do I! Let me know if you find it :lol:

Hi guys, I'm Siddos (or Sid for short) and I recently bought a '81 Honda CM400T
from Ohio and took it back to my place in Southeast michigan.
She runs pretty good and I picked her up for $800!!!

About me: I'm 19 years old and have experience riding motorcycles overseas since I was a little kid.
I'm in college but I've got a great financial situation with my university (go blue) and a
great job and wanted a cheap (relatively) and fun hobby to get into.
My dad loves motorcycles (especially Hondas) and I do too.
I can get on a bike and ride (not a total beginner) but I'm not exactly advanced.
I'm very mechanically and technically inclined although I havn't messed with bikes a lot,
I have experience with smaller engines (and their respective components) and am a quick learner.
I'm always open to suggestions/ideas or advice, even if it's a tough pill to swallow.
And I'm (almost) always down to ride! :cool:


Things I've got to do to the bike (TLC items):
New choke cable
New Throttle cable or throttle assembly
Clean Carbs
Change Oil
Lube chain
New Tyres(?)
New RPM Gauge (this one makes funny noises)
A very thorough washdown
Left side electrics cover
Phone mount & Charger
New fuel line & filter (this one is grimy)
Get myself some leathers (not technically part of the bike)
fix Neutral light/clutch/transmission gremlins(???)

Things I want to do to the bike:

Something like this lmao:

Run pods with that velocity stack trick someone mentioned on this forum
New exhaust (don't particularly want it louder just for looks)
Swap out carbs with something more tune-friendly / power friendly?
New lights and etc
New paint on everything
Completely freshen up the engine

Other Misc items:
Want to join a group of riders that are beginner friendly and in the SE Mich area.


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Welcome to the forum Sid.
Do you know any good/dirty jokes? My bike before I first bought it(it was neglected by the PO for yrs. and hadn't been started for a long time) from the PO was a good/dirty 'joke' :smile: until I fully restored it and now I use it as my main transportation(the PO used it to ride around on dirt roads where he lived out in the country and never even registered it after he bought it from his sister back in the late 80's)and would ride it yr.-round if not for the Winter salt,etc.
The man should have had a dirt bike instead of using this nice street bike for dirt trails.. I rescued it and turned it back into a nice ride I can depend on ;) I have a friend who lives in St. Clair Shores,MI. and he will sell you used parts for your bike at an excellent price if you need them,great guy.

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Thank you guys for all the information and positivity! I just did an oil change (15w 40, non synthetic, valvoline(?)) and the bike seems to be hunting neutral and clunking into first harder, although that might just be the rough riding (me) and the many, many many many stalls that occur as my buddies learn to ride. Hopefully a little TLC and that'll go away.

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Welcome aboard
Lots of information in the SOHC section and you might read through some of the Project Logs for ideas
Hunting for neutral and clunking into gear indicates the clutch adjustment is off.
Do you have the FSM? factory service manual
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