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:cry: :cry: I got this motorcycle from my fathers estate. It had sat for seven years but since it is a 1982 CB450 with 13000 miles on it I set out to fix it.
Here is what I have done 1)Headlight circuit cleaned all connections--now headlight works.
2)Cleaned carb in Napa gallon pail of carb cleaner, blew it out with compressed air.
3)Bought two o -rings I damaged doing 2--the boot to engine one and the small o ring on the side diaghram.
4) With carb back on there are no obvious vacuum leaks--determined by spraying starting fluid on the carb possible leak areas to see if idle speed changes... however.
It wanders like mad!!! Start it up on choke and it runs 2500 -3000rpm's. Drop it down too fast off choke and it kills.
But warm it up and it runs ok.
Seems the carb sync is a little off, but I have a homemade carb sync manometer with brake fluid in it next. For now the left is 2 inches and the right is 12 inches on the vacuum gauge. I cannot run the carb sync because it will suck it out of there!!!! I shut it off to prevent that!!
What is causing this unusual problem? I have the pistons inside that bring a rod up and down--CV carbs. I did a compression leakdown test and both cylinders/rings/valves are tight and hold 90 psi pretty good at tdc.
Can anyone help? Is it pretty certain that it is in the carbs? :roll:
BTW I ran this a week or two on errands and such--but started the carb cleaning after that as it seemed sluggish.

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First off, welcome to the group. As Bill was saying, there are 450s and then there are 450s. Some are SOHC and some are DOHC and they are compeltely different macnines.

Please start off by reading this bit of info for new members:


I know the folks here will be able to help you out with getting it running and there is also a great deal of entertainment value included at no extra charge.
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