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Hello Folks,

I have here a whole bunch of parts for a 1970 Honda CB350K2 that I am looking to sell. If there is any serious interest in the items listed please direct message me. Payment is preferred through PayPal. Shipping is included in the price posted.

I will add more to this thread as I can!

1. Sparck Moto 12V Single Phase Regulator/Rectifier Combo -- $30.00

- This part was used maybe 3 times riding before I switched to a Rick's motorsports high output stator & regulator. Unfortunately I do not have the other connect for the bike side. There are zero issues with this part. It works perfect.

Description:Specifically designed and engineered for Sparck Moto, our single phase regulator/rectifier is designed to modernize your 12V permanent magnet charging system up to 180W. Acceptable for use with both lead acid and lithium ion batteries and fits the following machines:
All Honda singles and twins through 1978
Most pre-1970 British twins (either positive or negative ground, replaces rectifier and zener diode)
Most Kawasaki models with two yellow alternator wires
Most Suzuki T and GT two strokes with two cylinders.

2. Brand New Reproduction 4into1 Condenser -- $10.00

Zero issues with this part. Never Used

3. Brand New Ignition Coils & NGK Caps, CB/CL/SL350K CB,CL,CJ360 -- $50.00

Description:Spark plug wire is 19" long
Mounting holes are approximately 80mm (3.15") apart. (measured from the center of each hole)
6.5" blue wire with dual female bullet connector
5.25" black/white line wire with male bullet connector
Overall Outer Diameter: 48.6mm at the widest point.
Primary Windings: 5 ohms

*Note: This coil does not come with any hardware to install it, but they will mount to the stock brackets on the models below. Black wire connects to 12V power, blue goes to the points and condenser.

Replaces Honda Part Numbers: 30500-312-007 (Coil assembly for the CB/CL/SL350), 30510-369-004, 30520-369-003 (Coil assemblies for the CB/CJ/CL360's), 30700-098-163 (spark plug cap)

Fits Honda:
CB350K - 1968-1973
CB350G - 1973
CL350K Scrambler - 1968-1973
SL350K - 1969-1973
CB360K - 1974
CB360G - 1974
CB360T - 1975-1976
CJ360T - 1976-1977
CL360K Scrambler - 1974-1975

4. Original 1970 Honda CB350K2 Leather seat COMPLETE, Fully intact-- $65.00

5. Original 1970 Honda CB350K2 Front Wheel Braking Hub #1-- $40.00
This part is fully intact despite the small crack as shown in photos below. Tachometer gear spins freely and tab for cable is not broken.

6. Original 1970 Honda CB350K2 Front Wheel Braking Hub #2-- $30.00

The main shell of this part is fully intact with no cracks, the tachometer gear does spin freely however the cable tab is broken on this part.

7. Original 1970 Honda Cb350K2 Rear Chain Drive Guard--$20.00
This part does not have any cracks, it does have a dent and fading/rusted paint but which can both be repaired.


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8. Original 1970 CB350 K2 Tail light assembly - $15.00
This part is fully functioning. The water seals are in good shape, no cracks, wires are good, bulb is working.

9. Original 1970 CB350K2 Tail Light/License Plate Mount - $15.00
Very good condition, no unusual bends. Some wear on the paint. Includes the rubber grommets. Quick painting or powder coat and is as good as new.

10. Original 1970 CB350K2 Front Fork covers - $20.00

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