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Have a bunch of CB350 parts from a bike that was going to be made into a bobber. Saved the fenders before they were chopped luckily. Chrome is dirty but in good shape with minimal pitting or dents. Engine was gone through a few years ago but appears siezed now... Red cb350 tank has big dent in one corner and cheap rattle can paint job overtop. Black tank appears to be a CL350 tank, it has been sandblasted outside and inside before it was painted. Side covers have all tabs still. Speedo is nice shape with ding around the edge though. Tach is missing chrome bezel at the bottom. Frame has been chopped at back so likely will be scrap metal unless anyone wants it. rims appear good as well as dry climate here is good for chrome.
message me for prices or make an offer. Will try to get some pictures up soon. If not send me your email and I'll send you some photos.
Shipping from Alberta Canada. Dollar is in your favour for shipping to USA is pretty decent.


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