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Valve stem oil seals

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I know TJ is having problems obtaining,me also (KO)and my mate Bob has just had to return some K1 ones to CMSNL. (Dont fit)I've been in touch with the guy that translates the fisches for cmnsl from Japanese to english as some fisches don't give any info to see if he could help.He's been in touch with cmnsl & advises I'm told it is important to keep in mind the compatability by checking the serial number the parts are suited for.The valve stem seal 14791-283-020 (PLENTY AVAILABLE) for instance suits US K0 models.For general export models it only fits from serial 1011936 and up.
In order for them to dig deeper they would require the parts,bikes and frame/serial numbers involved.
I'll be sending an email off to Matthijs Koeman (Cms Aftersales)and if anybody else whose stuck does same maybe they will get help to this sorted. Regards Chris.
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