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I recently bought a 350K3 back to life and had a bit of a setback right at the end.
Initial investigation made me absolutely certain that the smoky left hand cylinder was due to the poor compression in that side.
Well one rebore and last oversize pistons and rings (hugely oval too!) I got the engine back together and fired it up.
it ran fabulous, nice crisp steady tickover, then as the oil piled into the rocker box, so the smoke started again.


My stupid assumption, meant the inlet valve guide was ignored.
So engine out and head off, valve removed, yep sure enough the back was caked in burnt oil. Measurements confirmed the valve was worn past spec.
New genuine Honda guide arrived, along with a new genuine Honda valve, they didn't fit!
Discovered then that the guide is reamed to the valve & the head.

Doh! more stupidity

I don't have the tools to do that.
A company here in the uk offered to ream the existing guide and fit a Phosphor Bronze sleeve, and make that fit the new valve.
With a bronze guide infinitely more desirable I have sent the head to them, (cost $136)
Hopefully this is the last hurdle.:-?

Moral of the story... use your forum before buying anything!
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