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Valve adjustments again

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I can't seem to get the valves adjust to even a 0.0015, no matter which direction I turn the adjustment screw. What am I doing wrong? Oh I do aline the timing marks and the LT, then turn the crank 180 degrees clockwise. Anything missing?
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Re: Value adjustments again

petewag said:
Now the books has it different but I trust your knowledge more then the books.
At the point when all marks are lined up is that considered TDC?
I trust Steve more than any bloody book too.

The only marks to line up are the alternator mark and it's index.
Like Steve says, you gotta' be on compression stroke, and don't turn the alternator clockwise.
And set the valves to 0.002", not 0.0012".

Sounds like you're looking at the Clymer manual - no wonder you're confused.
To be precise, the marks on the cams and journals actually line up at the top of the exhaust stroke, not compression stroke.
Honda did this, I think, to make it possible for one guy to do the cam timing - if it were done on compression stroke, the tendency of a 450 (or 350) to "run by" the LT mark when you rotate the alternator would cause the need for extra hands or some sort of tool to hold the alternator.
So it's (the cam timing, not ignition timing) done on the "off stroke" to reduce the run by tendency.
petewag said:
This one of the locations where it states to line up the marks and then turn the crank ccw 360
Oh, that's the User Manual - they tell it correctly.
They tell you that when the marks on the cam and journals line up, you're NOT at the right place.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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