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Unintrusive Preventative Care and Maintenance Tips?

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OK so-

I would like to know some tips any of you have to keep a bike in better shape without taking anything apart. For example user "frogman79" advised in a previous post to clear out the carbs before parking by just turning off the fuel a block away from home, something I had never considered. Found that especially useful due to my carbs tending to be high maintenance (Im a tad intimated to try to learn how to take them out and clean them myself but its something I really want to get too soon). Is there anything else of that sort that may help in terms maintenance or preventative care?

I know there is the new to you old bike checklist which I have but I was wondering if there were less mechanical actions that could be performed in addition to those things?

Things I have in mind:
Areas to watch for build up besides spark plugs
Certain sprays for areas (like I had not known the chain needed treatment every 300 or so miles)

General things of that manner. Please feel free to toss in another additional "you may not have known" material. As my objective is to learn all I can to keep my bike healthy.

I keep hearing great tips and new info like those through my post about other issues, so Id like to just see what else is out there to learn.

Thanks guys (and you few gals) :cool: ,
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leave the bike on a battery tender when parked for more than a day or two
keep air in the tires up to spec
keep it clean
grease any grease fittings your bike has.
watch the water level if you have a traditional battery
change brake fluid annually if you have disc brakes
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