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Two 1968 Honda CL175 (K0 sloper motor) motorcycles for parts or rebuild.

Neither bike includes carburetors or any other parts not show in the pictures.

Neither bike has a title.

Bike #1 (the one with a seat), engine turns over, but, has low compression (60psi). Transmission shifts through
all the gears as it should.

Bike #2, the engine is seized/locked up.

The CL175 K0 motor is the only twin-carb 5 speed sloper motor that Honda built, and are very desirable in the CB160 racing class.
These will bolt right into a CB160 / CL160 frame. Also the frames on these bikes are nearly identical to the CB160 / CL160, with minor differences in the fuel tank and side panel mounting.

The 1968 CL175 also qualifies for Moto Giro.