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1975 Honda CB360t, 1975 Honda CL360, 2012 Triumph Bonneville T100
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Just finished getting my latest Twin cleaned-up and road worthy. It's the '75 CL360 Scrambler. This "family photo" shows it with its '75 CB360t Twin. It is somewhat of a surprise to me how differently they handle. The CL seems to be more agile and "flickable", while the CB settles down for a more smooth and solid ride. They are both a blast to ride, and I just alternate them to spread the mileage equitably since I can never decide which one to ride on any given day! They are not perfect, and far from show bikes, but I enjoy them so much that I will probably sell my bigger bikes and just grab one of these and go! While these are some of the easiest bikes I have ever worked-on, it does seem like you have to remove a lot of parts to get to what you want to tweak (e.g. oil filter/cup rather than a drop-in filter, and the dang factory air filters that are just a pain to get to and replace). Still, it's all a lot of fun! Any suggestions on what might be a good addition to the family so I have a related trio?
p.s. The color schemes are original and the bikes are named for my alma mater mascots from the long-ago days of my youth - when these bikes were not yet even in production!
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Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Vehicle
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