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Turn signals

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Anyone have a source for inexpensive 2-wire (hot/ground) turn signals which will mount to the standard old-style splined Honda stalks??

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Bill, I think i have a couple from the front of a CM 185 Twinstar... I'll check tomorrow (Sunday).... Steve
OK -

Forget the turn signals - I have much more pressing need.
I really need a CB450 rear fender mounting bolt, part # 90155-292-010.

This is for the pre-grab bar models - 8mm threads, with a big shoulder.
NLA, naturally, missing from the bike when I got it.

Bill, I probably have that too....Can you post a pic or drawing?....Better yet, a hand drawing with the measurements will do.... I have a box full of shoulder bolts.....
Steve -

Is this enough to identify??
If you have the pair, that would be great, as this one is pretty funkified.

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Perfect!...I'm headed to the shop now, will look throuh the pile..... If I do have them, they probably won't be a lot better than the one you have...LOL.... Steve
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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