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What can I do to my 1982 Nighthawk cb450sc as far as customization and being able to get parts to do so I wanted to keep it original but it is so hard to find the OEM parts I'm kind of at a loss

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As has been said in other threads, keeping this bike in running order is easy and the parts needed are mostly readily available. So that leaves just the cosmetics I.E. tail fairing, side covers, gas tank rear side rail things. Those parts are not available new but if you are patient they can be found here from other members or eBay, sometimes at a reasonable cost and sometimes for a kings ransom. I began my endless trek to customizing my '82 CB450SC because I wasn't going to pay the price for those original pretty bits. Almost everyone who gets a hold of one these things seems to hack it up into their idea of a cafe/brat/tracker/bobber/insert-latest-trend.

I'm in favor of someone preserving one of these things. They are robust and reliable as sin. Hell the stock look has even grown on me some.

If you really want to customize the bike you ought to be doing a lot of research and reading. You also need to take an honest stock of your abilities (can you weld? is you best buddy a machinist? etc ect?). Next, your work space (can a half taken apart bike clutter your garage for weeks at a time or are you like me storing your parts 20 miles south of where you live and traveling 30 miles north from where you live to be able to work on stuff?) Being realistic about your abilities and goals will make the project possible and not just a mess you try and get rid of later.

That said people have done some very nice and simple mods to make these bikes look great. Others have hacked off the front and back and welded on SSSA'S and mono shocks and the like.

Google will be your best friend with planning and finding ideas. Google tips for googling things (not kidding)

Here are some links to threads I have bookmarked over time because they inspire my build.

SIDE NOTE: Photobucket has decided everyone should pay to see pics and have blocked a ton of stuff. IF YOU ARE USING GOOGLE CHROME you can go to the extension store and get PHOTOBUCKET HOTLINK FIX. This will reveal the internet to you.

Jared's 1982 CM450C Cafe Project

ugly duckling CM400T build - Calling it finished

1979 CB400T Hawk

"Half Sack " cb400 (Almost Done!)

Maritimes 450 - Got her done for the season and went for a ride F the snow!

Honda cm400t from Spain. bob,chop,track....?? I dont know.. NEW PICS

I was bored so I bought a 1980 Honda CM400T

Re: CM400C Cafe Garage Build - Seat complete - New Photos (probably my favorite)

The Thunder Toad Cometh

Ok, now a couple pics.

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Motor vehicle Car

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car

I would credit the pics but I found them on google long ago and don't know the origin. Please and thank you to the photo owner.

There is a taste of what others have done. Like I said do a lot of research, there are many other builds and threads out there.

Hope this helped.
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All good advice, HamHock. My advice is get the bike running and ride it for
a while and be sure you even like the bike before you dump a lot of money into it.
I picked up a 1979 CB400T II and finally got it rideable and found that I really like the bike
but now I am stuck between "stock" and "custom". Good luck and keep us posted on the project.
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