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Hi all,

New member here - hello! I'm working with a local builder who's reviving a long-dead '71 CB450 for me. The bike was gutted: no seat, missing all sorts of parts, seized engine, etc etc. So we're starting from a very blank canvas.

My question here is about seats. I love the look of the Triumph Thruxton's seat. I love how it looks with the cowl on or off, and most importantly I love that it allows 2-up riding with a cafe-styled seat.

Has anyone tried to adapt a Thruxton seat onto a CB450/CB500 frame? Success? Failure? I'd love to hear of anyone's experience.

Alternately, could anyone recommend a seat that looks similar (cowl not necessary, but might be nice) and still allows a passenger to hop on the back?

Cheers! Glad to join the community!

Here's a Thruxton with the seat cowl on:
Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

And with the seat cowl removed:
Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Motor vehicle Fuel tank
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