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1971 CB350 - Wife's Build, 1978 CX500 - My build
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Okay, odd tale of tires. I was ordering parts for The Wife's Bike, including tires. The supplier (Sirius) sent the wrong tires. Well, the wrong tires for me. I ordered Duro's, they sent Liberty's. Sirius being Sirius (they've been really good with me) they said "keep the liberty's and we'll just send you the Duro's".

So, we now have 2 brand new tires,1 still in wrapping (I un wrapped the other not knowing it was the wrong pair). Correct pair for a 72 CB350. I got them free, so I'm not looking for any money. However I'd love an air-filter cover logo plate (we are missing one) or a pair of square inside foot peg rubbers (ordered the wrong, round insert, ones). Or turn turn signals (it came with 4 odd mismatched lights).

Or just take them! We just don't want them to sit and rot in the garage if they can go on a bike and make someone else's build easier.

Located in Pickering, ON. Willing to ship, new owner pays shipping. Or come on by and grab them.
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