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pls ignore (wrong forum ... oops) Touring/Commuting tires for CM450 ??

SORRY ... this is in the wrong forum ... I reposted in the CM450 forum ... if I knew how to delete this post, I would ... (new member ... got mixed up ..sorry)

I want to put touring tires on my 1982 CM450 Custom. I commute 50 miles per day in city traffic and just want the hard rubber and the mileage. The only tires I can find that are exactly the right size are Kendras (soft rubber) which are not touring tires, and other similar cheap brands ... or knobbies which is not what i want.

The OEM sizes are 3.50-18 (front) and 4.60-16 (rear). That seems to correspond to 100/90-18 and 120/90-16.

I found Metzler Marathon 880 tires in sizes: 100/90-18 and 130/90-16.

1. Does anyone know of hard tires that will fit this bike?
2. The Metzler 130 tire mentioned above is sold as a "front". Can it be used as a rear?
3. What modifications are needed to mount a 130/90 on the rear? I can see that the chainguard would have to be notched out ... is that a reasonable idea? What other mods would be needed? Is this worth the effort?
4. What would you do?
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