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OK, I've done some searching but can't find the right answer: What IS the correct procedure for NOT cracking the top triple clamp bridge on reassembly?

This actually applies not to a 360, as usual, but to my old SL125. It has a cracked top clamp and I've got a new (used) one to replace it. So, what is the correct sequence? I'll be starting from a completely disassembled steering neck (bearings clean and re-grease).

This is my thought:
1. steering stem back together; set the bearings.
2. install fork tubes high enough to stick above top bridge. tighten bottom pinch bolts temporarily.
3. install top bridge and tighten steering stem nut. confirm bearings still OK
4. loosen bottom pinch bolts, position fork legs properly (up and down).
5. torque bottom pinch bolts
6. torque top pinch bolts

Is that the correct sequence? Why, exactly, does the top clamp tend to crack? What gets out of sequence?


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