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Got my 69 CB450 on the road for spring after a big rebuild last year. The motor starts well, idles as close to perfect as I can get it, and has great compression on both cylinders (175/180psig), and I still have the points ignition. It hauls all the way up the rpm range without missing a beat (haven't taken it above 6000rpm yet as I have only 600miles), but I have a top end "rattle" on the left cyl. (exhaust side) - I used a stethoscope to pinpoint the noise. It is hardly noticeable when idling, but is very noticeable when accelerating.
When I rebuilt the motor I installed good torsion springs (in the correct positions!!) and reasonable cams/followers. The cylinders were rebored to fit new Wiseco pistons (1st rebore), and con rod top ends are within diameter spec.
Cam chain is new and tensioner is in good shape, as are all other cam chain sprockets.
Any comments appreciated...


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