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I don't have the tool kit that came with the 1973 CB450 K6
I also am learning very quickly that my limited tool kit is not going to cut it.

Just had a question about socket wrenches (and I'm guessing wrenches in general) - do I need a metric or standard set?

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Get deep well sockets, if you can afford them - a set with 8mm thru 19mm will cover most stuff.
Also a set of metric wrenches.

Also get an alternator puller-offer, and the oil filter nut wrench, both avaialble at MotionPro for a bit less than $10 each.

The cam chain tool will cost more - to break them I usually just use a Dremel and a small punch, but to rivet the new link, you will need some sort of tool, similar to this (it eill also break them) -

It's a bit salty, but what can you do??
Some guys try to avoid that cost by trying to do the riveted links with vice-grips or even ball peen hammers - I wouldn't recommend either of those techniques, personally.

And on any old motorcycle, you'll also need a variety of hammers of different sizes, and a rubber mallet comes in real handy.
Probably also handy to have a set of metric allen wrenches.
And some circlip (snap-ring) pliers, both inside and outside types.
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