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Tommaselli Condor Adjustable Clubman Bars

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I've got a set of Tommaselli Condor Adjustable Bars for sale that are in excellent condition. Here is a link to a vendor selling the same bars. Apparently they even attach serial numbers to these bars. Go figure.

I will sell them outright or I will trade for some other parts I need.

Rear wheel rim for '68 CL350 (unpitted, unstained)
K3-K4 Fuel tank, no rust no dents, paint condition unimportant
left side Honda badge and Wings for 68 CL350

Anything else you can think of.

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I'd be interested in buying them (sorry I don't have any of the parts you need) How much do you want for them?
Sold! I'll PM you my contact info

I just re-read your message - Are you looking for a CB450 gas tank? I've got one you may be interested in, I'm not sure of the year but I could send a pic.

- Greg
1 - 2 of 6 Posts