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Tires for '71 cb350

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I have a 1971 cb350 and in need of tires. What are you guys running? I am thinking of going 90/90 18" fronts and 110/90 18" in the rear. Will i have any regrets going 110/90 in the back? Im about to pull the trigger on some Maxxis Promaxx (i know i know about the china tires but 30 hp doesnt scare me to run them) Anyone have experience with the promaxx line? Let me know guys.
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I'm going to be getting Bridgestone Spitfires from Motorcycle Superstore as they've been recommended by several CB/CL350 owners. The front will be 100/90-18 for $53 and the rear is 110/90-18 for $62. 1-2 day shipping is free from them if you spend more than $75. Don't forget tubes and strips.
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