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My bike is a K4 cb450, the previous owner put an aftermarket tire on the front, which is in my opinion a little too big. I was planning on putting new tires on it this winter, but I may do it later this year. I believe that the front tire was originally a 3.25x19 and the rear was a 3.5x18, correct me if I'm wrong. After looking at some conversion charts, I found a few metric sizes that should interchange. Those being 90/90/19, 100/90/19, 110/80/19 for the front, and 100/90/18, 110/80/18, 11/90/18, 120/80/18 for the rear. I know from reading reviews that there are more than a few good tires out there, but have tentatively settled on Bridgestone Spitfires for the bike, I found them in 90/90/19, and 110/90/18. My question is are these tires going to handle different due to size, and more importantly will the back rub on the chain or chain guard. Any suggestions on size, or brand would help. Sorry for the long post.


Edit----maybe it would just be easier to ask, what size tires are you running on your 450 and are you happy with them?
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