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Timing again....WTF?

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Alright, seriously I'm stumped. I had my timing dead nuts on before I went riding last week. Since then I've adjusted the valves and cam chain tension. Now my timing is WAAAAY off. I can get the points to close and spark, just not where they're supposed to. Again, I did the timing a week ago, so I don't think I burned my points that far down from one ride...

It's almost like when I adjusted the cam chain tension I slipped a tooth or two somewhere. It looks to me like I'm a few degrees off on the actual allignment between the rotor and cam. Not really sure what to do from here, but can't get it back in time. New points? Re-align cam?

Do these points look that bad? (big pic for detail)

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I think there's a chance that your spark advancer is sticky.
It happened to me on Wifey's CB200 - set the timing dead on, ran great for a while, then ran rerrible.
Check the timing, way off - chased my tail for a couple of days on it.

The advancer was dirty and gummy, would get hot and stick in the open position.
Then began sticking closed too, bike would run terrible.
The cure was to take apart the advancer and clean it up good.
mktsc said:
Yes the points gap is way to large, however that was after an hour of trying to mess around with the points to get them to close at the "LF" mark...

You want the points to OPEN at the mark, not close.
mktsc said:
They are sparking a good 20 degrees before they should, and I can't seem to rotate the base plate enough to get them to do it at the right time.

So how do I check the index marks on the cam, and what do I do if it is off?
I think you can just remove the advancer cam, rotate it 180 degrees, then reinstall....
66Sprint said:
Bill, That's generally where I was headed... Just wanted a pic of the key pin when crank indexed to verify crank/cam timing was still on......... :D Steve
That would be good - I don't have a 360 lying about to check (thank God)......
Just to check - you're doing this on compression stroke, right???
I can't tell from the photo what the cam is doing exactly.
You could try spinning the cam on the shaft 180 degrees, see if that puts you in the ballpark for timing.......
Steve is correct - 312 is the code for SL350 K1.

One source says 369 is the code for CB250-360T

Another source indicates 369 is CB360 K0/CB360G/CB360T/CB360T '76

I've never personally seen a 250 Twin with a 360 type engine.........
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