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Timing again....WTF?

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Alright, seriously I'm stumped. I had my timing dead nuts on before I went riding last week. Since then I've adjusted the valves and cam chain tension. Now my timing is WAAAAY off. I can get the points to close and spark, just not where they're supposed to. Again, I did the timing a week ago, so I don't think I burned my points that far down from one ride...

It's almost like when I adjusted the cam chain tension I slipped a tooth or two somewhere. It looks to me like I'm a few degrees off on the actual allignment between the rotor and cam. Not really sure what to do from here, but can't get it back in time. New points? Re-align cam?

Do these points look that bad? (big pic for detail)

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Yes the points gap is way to large, however that was after an hour of trying to mess around with the points to get them to close at the "LF" mark...

Maybe I'll just have to take apart the entire advancer and everything tomorrow and try to clean everything up. I'm not sure that's it though, because the action is consistent. I probably turned it over 30x, and it does the exact thing every time.

I'll try and dissasemble/clean/reassemble tomorrow...

Yes I understand that they're supposed to begin opening at the "LF" mark, however I can't get them to be closed at that mark, so I can't adjust it so they begin to open there. They begin opening about 20 degrees or so before they should be with the points plate rotate as far to the left as I can.

I've also made sure that I'm not 180 off.

They are sparking a good 20 degrees before they should, and I can't seem to rotate the base plate enough to get them to do it at the right time.

So how do I check the index marks on the cam, and what do I do if it is off?
So you want me to remove the points plate, advance the rotor until it's at the "LF" mark, then take a picture of the advancer cam?

Here you go:

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Yes, this is normally the point where the LH points would begin to open.

Tried turning the cam around 180, and it still won't work. It really seems like I jumped a tooth somewhere. All I can think to do is make the slot bigger in the LH points adjuster, or get a new points set...

I don't understand what could've happened to it.

Here you go Steve. Looks like the key is alligned right at the 12 o'clock mark when the "LT" mark is alligned. By the description in your email this indicates that the cam and crank are correctly in time.

Looks like maybe I just need new points?
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The points plate has 369 stamped on it, the advancer plate has 312 stamped on it. The only discernable manufacturer stamp on the points plate are the letters "Tec". They're also stamped on the points arms themselves.

All I can think is to replace the points. I ordered a set off eBay for $20. I'm relieved that at least the cam and crank still have a meaningful relationship...

Thanks again guys, I'll let you know once I've moved past this problem and to the next one...

Done, and done!

Thanks again Steve, you're the man!

Thanks again for all your help Steve. Hope this combined with the new set of points fixes it!

I'll probably send you more than $3.

Wonder how much shipping on a 12-pack is...
Well it fixed my points problem. I was able to get the points adjusted so they opened and closed when they should, although I don't understand how you're supposed to maintain the points gap after you set timing...

I got everything back together, and I'm still firing on one cylinder. I'm getting what looks like a weak and sporadic spark from my LH cylinder. Not sure if this is coils or if my timing's just still f'd up.

I'm going to go back through my valve tappet adjustment also to make sure that I didn't screw something up there (although I indexed the pistons about 4x before I made any adjustments...)

Thanks again for the help.

I did find a pinch in the yellow wire going to the LH coil, where it looks like the insulation might be cut in a very small area. It's been like this for a while though, because there was electrical tape over it...

I might replace the coils next and go from there.

Also, how "EXACT" does timing have to be. My LH cylinder is firing just after the "LH" mark, and the RH cylinder is firing just after the "F" mark. I wasn't able to get it perfectly dialed in, after an hour of adjustment. It seems like the slightest adjustment would have me either grossly overshooting or undershooting. This is the closest I was able to get it. I even tried switching the points arms, but the old points seem to have more meat than the new ones.

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