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Throttle Issue 1979 cm400t

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Hi everyone,

Back after a long hiatus. Finally got a stator to make this guy start but after taking apart the carbs and replacing pretty much everything I’m stuck at a throttle issue.
I put the bike back together but it seems the throttle won’t snap back. This is without the cables on. Im afraid I might’ve done something to the throttle when I was cleaning and replacing gaskets in the carbs? I’ve cleaned out the area around it with a parts dip and carb cleaner and still nothing.
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Any help would be appreciated.
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Yeah really not sure what I could’ve done as I didn’t touch the throttle. It was mostly replacing gaskets.
I’ve attached a GIF of the rotating body.GIF HERE
Hmmm that’s strange, is something catching on the butterfly inside the carb? May need to pull that shaft out to inspect it further.
Yeah actually pulled the shaft out and there was some varnish at the very end that was pretty much gum. Snaps back just right now.

thanks for the help! Let’s see if thing will run now.
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts