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this may not ge good... Stripped Plug Screws

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Hey ya'all. So I was trying to figure out why my left cylinder was not firing and took out the plugs for inspection. The left plug is always kinda a pain to put in or take out. The right one works just like the book says. I can hand tighten it till it is almost all the way in then give it a 1/8 turn with a wrench. The left one however was always difficult. Well you can probably guess what happened next. When putting the spark plug back in i overtightened it and felt it strip. Now it doesn't make a tight seal and I can feel the air being pushed out of the cylinder around the spark plug. WTF do i do now? I'm assuming I will have to tap the hole out. But the logistics of it are beyond me. Will I have to take the cylinder covers off? To what size should I tap it? Are there heli coils that I should use instead?
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66Sprint said:
I have almost always used my thumb-nails and extra caution, one ring at a time...Not sure I'd recommend that for a Newbie though...... Rings are expensive, and NOT plentiful... and easily broken in shear.... :?: :( Steve
I use a chopstick myself.......
Alfalfa said:
great to know. i'm just going to assume that you guys don't use a ring expander either then.
I do use a ring plier (expander).
They're a cheap (less than $10) tool, and help me avoid scratching the piston while trying to get the ring on.
And I have broken rings in the past attempting to get them on without a tool.

Yes, it's true - I have indeed broken parts before.........
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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