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Been lurking a while, love the site layout and friendly nature here..
Grew up in California, had some old Honda dirt bikes a long time ago. Then 5 kids and a 25 year sentence to the costs associated with that... Happy to say we're 5 for 5 with no schmit heads, so there is that!
Anyway I have a vintage sport car and muscle car...
I restored a cb 350 a few years back and sold it.... Oops. Now I wish I hadn't. Anyway now I have a 71 sl 350 in rough shape. I'm on the edge as to selling it or getting it going.
The challenge is the back, I've had 4 surgeries, so I'm concerned the suspension isn't as cushy as I'd need... (after the cb, 6'1" 240lbs)
So I'm thinking modified front and rear... I don't want an 80's or 90's enduro.. I love the 350 series stuff so I thought, I have the skills why not a resto mod? Maybe the pro link rear and custom valved fronts...
I dont need it for off road just a cushy grocery getter..
That's what I'm up to and why I'm here..

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