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Here we go.
After 2 years of having my bike in the garage cause of rattling noise from somewhere, I've decided to tear down the entire engine. For the ones saying "it might have been", here my previous 2 posts about the problem.
Now. I tore down the entire engine, finding a big messy dirty amount of stuffs.
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Then the balancing chain guide (That I havent replaced) and the cam chain tensioner
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According to what the mechanic told me, the problem of the rattling noise might have been at 99% the bad condition of the rocker arms:
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I'm at the point where I joined the two lower cases, clean it all, made a good timing phase (to me), and I'm about to reassemble the clutch and the alternator, waiting for new pistons and rings (rings were way too worn) and try to replace the rocker arms to see if the problem has been solved. The cam chain tensioner and the cam chain have been already replaced.

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Now the questions 😁 (tell me if I have to open another thread).
Do you know the name of the connectors used for the oil pressure cable, similar to a faston?
And then, do you know which are the differences between the camshafts? The 400 Superdream camshaft has the product number 14101443000, but online I've only found numbers: 14101413711 and 14101413710, it's all about what? The lobes? The HP/PS? Can I use these models instead of the "correct" one?

Thanks for help and time spent, waiting to new updates to continue the work



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