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So, slow night in a motel - thought I would post some communications from Terry Naughton regarding prices of various 450 options offered there.

Warning - not for the faint of heart, or those with light wallets.
But if you truly want to get serious with your 450, you can't do much better.
Terry won Daytona this year on this stuff, so....
Turn your 450 into a 60 hp brute that will do some serious damage in its class on the track, or rudely awake some crotch rockets on the street.........

Racing the past into the future


1. 218 gram 74mm forged slipper piston kits…$480.00.
stock Honda cast pistons ( always lighter ) weigh 230 grams.

2. 75.5mm forged super lightweight slipper piston kits…$500.00.

3. Bore any cb450 stock cylinders…$130.00

4. Special SS ringed composite head gaskits 74mm & 75.5mm…$68.00

5. Complete 5mm drop in coil spring kits ( guides.base plates
inner & outer coil springs. 5mm Intake & exhaust SS valves. Titanium
retainers. Keepers. Lash caps automotive style valve seals, This kit
contains 40 pieces needed to convert from torsion bars to coil springs.
6. 7mm SS hi-flow – nailhead intake valves ( the best )…$75.00.

7. 7mm SS inconel exhaust valves ( highest high temp SS made )…$75.00.

8. Lightened- balanced- polished- knifedged crankshaft…$1,200.00.

9. Special 4340 shot peened steel race rods…$1,200.00.

10. Special Titanium race rods ( 40% ) lighter…$2,000.00.

11. Top end oil kit ( braided hose AN fittings etc. )…$475.00.

12. Paper cartridge oil filter…$550.00.

13. Modified rocker box cover ( better oil flow to cam lobes )…$48.00.

14. Special close ratio 6 speed gearbox & undercut gears…$2,650.00.

15. Complete Dry clutch kit & 4 vane oil pump…$2,950.00.

16. Full race pre-jetted Mikuni carbs 36mm throttle included…$550.00.

17. Special velocity stacks for Mikuni’s…$210.00.

18. Keihin cr35mm & 37mm carbs with push-pull throttle…$850.00.

19. Cylinder modified for dual spark plugs…$400.00.

20. Hi-Energy magneto with adjustable mounting plate…$750.00.

21. Special hi-lift race cams, hot street cams also available…$450.00.

22. Adjustable sprockets installed on race cams…$400.00.

23. Special full race cam chain…$75.00.

24. Stock cam bearings converted to roller & needle bearings in customers.
Part, cams & cam bearing surface turned down…$400.00.

25. Complete cylinder head porting, camshafts & Titanium valves
installed with beryllium valve seats, exhaust ports welded & raised
intake ports epoxied floors…POR.

26. Special rocker box EPOXY red coating, for faster oil return…$25.00.
This coating is included in all special cylinder head work done.

Team Hansen prefers to build Full Race Motors based on the cb450, we
Consider this to be a better revving motor, when combined with Titanium
Valves and Titanium rods, and a lightened, balanced crankshaft, will
Produce a superior revving engine.

Complete stage 3 - $12,500.00…stage 2 - $11,500.00…stage 1- $10,500.00

Team Hansen Honda LLC.
Race Engine Build Specifications

HONDA CB 450-500T

The building of a race engine includes many time consuming tasks which effect the cost, performance and delivery to the customer. An engine can be built to meet the highest performance criteria from street mild to full race. Team Hansen Honda strives to provide customers with an improved ultra - high performance engine with an optimized cost to performance ratio for their customers. Team Hansen Honda has the experience to offer the improved high performance of the Honda 450 twin engine, which has resulted in a record of success on the track with numerous first place wins leading to seven Vintage National Championships on Honda twins.

A complete improved high performance engine will be provided as specified. Team Hansen Honda will drain the oil of a stock engine obtained from local sources. This engine will be dismantled with a complete inspection and verification of the components to assure that a race worthy engine can be built. Inspection of components include, but are not limited to, good engine crank, stock overhead cam cores, rocker arms, cam bearings, good cylinder head with no pitting in combustion area, good spark plug threads, etc. If necessary, additional stock engines will be dismantled to provide the customer the BEST components possible for their race engine. Engine case will be bead blasted outside for appearance unless otherwise specified by the customer. All Phillips head screws will be replaced with stainless steel Allen head screws during the assembly of the race engine.

These motors when tuned correctly will produce 58 to 60 horsepower

STAGE 3 Bottom End Specifications:

• Clean, disassemble and inspect crank shaft and verify all tolerances
• Polish Honda stock rods, 4340 steel race rods, full titanium race rods available per customer request
• Inspect transmission, inspect shifting dogs, verify smooth shifting operation
• Inspect clutch assembly, install new race clutch plates, discs and springs.
• Inspect shift shaft for good splines
• Inspect detent arm for proper operation
• Modify stock oil push rod for improved oil pump operation
• Build and install plate for dry side case for magneto install
• Remove kick starter assembly and plug hole
• Remove engine starter motor and plug hole

STAGE 3 Cylinder Specifications:

• Install new aluminum forged high compression race pistons
74mm 498 cc
75.5mm 510cc
Customer choice of engine size. Race pistons will be special coated for improved performance and life of the part
• Bore lower case cylinder opening for larger iron cylinder sleeves for 75.5mm
• For 75.5mm, install new larger cylinder sleeves for new pistons & hone
For 74mm, Install new larger cylinder sleeves for new pistons & hone
• Deck cylinder as required for proper squish area

STAGE 3 Cylinder Head Specifications: This is where the horsepower is made !

• High performance porting of the stock head. CFM charts indicating flow improvements on this motors’ specific cylinder head will be provided
• Deck head as required to assure flatness
• Machine head for dual plug (two spark plugs per cylinder)
• Install new spark plugs (two per cylinder)
• Install new valve seats (Berillium for titanium valve install)
• Install new silicon bronze valve guides and seals
• Install two new 7mm titanium intake valves (oversize with lash caps)
• Install two new 7mm titanium exhaust vales with lash caps
• Install new dual spring race valve spring set, lash caps, titanium retainers
• Install new race spec cam chain
• Inspect stock cam chain tensioner (replace if necessary or as required)
• Inspect rocker arms, polish and lighten. Replace as required
• Install NEW rubber boots for carburetors (boots will be ported to fit the head)
• Machine combustion area for O-ring for copper gasket
• Install COPPER head gasket
• Install VERY SPCIAL hi-performance race cams with needle bearing ends (cam has been lightened with factory tachometer drive removed which requires the use of an electronic tachometer for engine RPM)
• Machine 4 cam bearings, install needle bearings
• Install new adjustable CAM SPROCKET for adjustment to degree cams for maximum performance & horse power

STAGE 3 Magneto & Ignition System Specifications:
• Install new Magneto in dry sided engine case
• Install adjustable timing bracket with Magneto for adjustments
• We Provide Magneto ignition coils for dual plug set up (installation of coils by customer)

ALL STAGES 1 2 3 - Additional Cost High Performance Engine Options:
Additional services for engine top performance include:

• Mikuni carburetors bored to hi- performance specifications and fitted to intake boots, velocity stacks for increased air flow.
• All internals modified
• Jet needle, needle jet, slow jet, idle jet, i.e. all parts for hi-performance, installed for maximum horse power and flexibility

• Transmissions:

o Honda 5 speed close ratio street gear box
o Full racing 5 speed close ratio gear box ( all new gears only )
o Full racing 6 speed close ratio gear box ( all new shaft, selector drum
etc. everything new )

• Honda dry clutch set up:
o Anodized coated aluminum dry clutch side cover
o Aluminum basket
o Safety cover
o 4 vane rotary oil pump ( high volumes of oil supplied )
o really helps save the cams and rocker arms.
o must use the full race CR 6 speed gearbox.

• Full race rods for Honda 450-500T
o 4340 steel bushed H beam rods ( just like carillo, but better )
o Full titanium bushed non-stretch rods, aluminum bronze bushed,

• 40% lighter than stock rods. Special plasma sprayed sides
prevent galling that occurs when Ti rubs with steel.
we use 6% aluminum & 4 % vanadium in the rod with

AMS - 5844, 280,000 PSI rod bolts. The highest rated Ti rods available.

• Full race Crankshaft - the stock Honda crankshaft, when disassembled
can be lightened & fully polished to a mirror finish ( helps remove oil from the crank Throws at high RPM ), then fully balanced with rods & pistons
( this makes for a very smooth running motor & more precise throttle control )

• Install paper cartridge oil filter to replace stock slinger filter
with option for top end oil supply & oil cooler.
This is required when installing the top-end oil kit.

The top end oil kit must have the existing oil galleries in
the lower case and upper cylinder head BLOCKED, permitting
only cool oil coming into the cam’s.

• Top end oil supply kit, with black braided hose& #6 anodized
aluminum fittings.

• Special internal engine coatings, for reduced HEAT producing & horsepower robbing friction, ( these coatings help produce higher horsepower & more reliable race motors, from piston, ceramic, etc ), I have seen an honest 8 to 10 % increase in horsepower using coatings.

• REM PROCESSING of internal parts ( this process is discussed in another area
of Team Hansen performance engine information )

• Color options for engine side case’s, dark green ( magnesium )
Black, dark gray.

• Cylinder head color ( black ) high temp.

• Customers also have the option to have a Full race motor
fully run – in before being delivered.

Customers know full well that, since these motors are 40 plus years old
we cannot furnish any warranty. But we offer help in future tuning , set-up
or repair that might occur.

• Shipping & crating for out of state customers and out of country customers:
Full race motors will be shipped in a wooden crate, bolted down with metal supports.

STAGE 2 European SPEC CB 450 – 500T

The Stage 2 engine is designed and built to meet the displacement limits of the
EUROPEAN market. The STAGE 2 engine offers significant improved performance
Over the STAGE 1, providing maximum performance from the CB450 engine within
The European guidelines. Significantly more time to build with increased cost makes this the easy choice in its class. The STAGE 2 includes a professionally ported extremely modified cylinder head, dual spark plugs per cylinder, dual plug coils, magneto ignition, conversion from torsion bars to coil valve springs, new stainless
Steel intake & exhaust valves, new forged race pistons, and a very high lift race cam.
To be used for street or race efforts. This engine can be placed in that CB450 Café Racer project bike, but ready to blow away the rest of the street racers. A track day with this engine in your Café Racer will impress your friends and create a lot of interest & questions. To meet the European rules, and American café racers this motor has 498 cc displacement limit.

STAGE 2 Bottom End Specifications :

• Inspect crank and verify tolerances
• Inspect transmission, verify smooth operation
• Install oil pump drive
• Install stall paper oil filter
• Install a new clutch ( disc, plates & springs )
• Install new base gasket
• Inspect shifter shaft for good splines
• Inspect detent arm for proper operation
• Install new Magneto ignition
• Install adjustable timing plate for ignition adjustment
• Machine engine case for dry siding Magneto components
• Remove and plug kick starter & electric starter holes
With aluminum plugs

Additional services include undercutting stock transmission gears
Or installation of CR 6 speed transmission.

STAGE 2 Bottom End Specifications:

• Inspect crank and verify tolerances
• Inspect transmission, verify smooth shifting
• Install oil pump bronze drive bushing
• Install paper oil filter
• Install new clutch, discs & plates with springs

• Install new race quality base gasket
• Inspect shifting shaft for good splines,
• Inspect detent arm for proper operation
• Install new magneto ignition including timing plate for adjustment
• Machine engine case for dry side magneto ignition components
• Remove & plug kick starter mechanism & starter hole

STAGE 2 Cylinder Specifications:

• Install new cylinder sleeves
• Bore engine cases for larger sleeves
• Bore and hone new cylinder sleeves for 74 mm
Forged racing pistons
• O-Ring cylinder head
• Install new O-Ring copper head gasket
• Deck cylinder as required

Additional Services Include ceramic coated pistons

STAGE 2 Cylinder Head Specifications:

• Professional porting of head (CFM Charts indicating improvement will be provided)
• Deck head as required
• Grind new valve seats
• Replace valve guides with silicon bronze
• Modify head for use of high performance inner & outer coil valve springs
with titanium retainers, steel keepers & 5.5 mm lash caps
• Provide stainless steel 5.5 mm stem diameter high flow intake & exhaust valves, standard size

STAGE 1 CB 450 – 500T Street – Café Racer

The STAGE 1 engine is a great introduction into the world of Honda CB450 improved
performance engines. The cost to performance ratio is very good, resulting in more fun on the track with improved performance over the stock motor. The STAGE 1 Engine is also a great engine to place a Honda 450 Café Racer or a home built project. The STAGE 2 includes a mild porting of the head, single spark plug per cylinder, conversion from torsion bars to valve springs, new stainless steel intake & exhaust valves, new forged pistons and a mild cam shaft that can be used for street or race efforts. The engine will perform well riding on the street or taking it to the track for track day. Honda stock carburetors may be used with this engine, but for better performance and tuning, check out our specially modified Mikuni carburetors.

STAGE 1 Bottom End Specification:

• Inspect crank & verify tolerances
• Inspect transmission, verify smooth shifting
• Inspect clutch assembly
• Install new clutch discs & plates& springs
• Install new high performance base gasket
• Inspect shifter shaft for good splines
• Inspect detent arm for proper operation

Additional services include undercut gears for stock transmission, new Magneto ignition including timing plate for adjustment, removal of kick start mechanism and plugging the hole, including the starter hole.

STAGE 1 Cylinder Specifications:

• New forged race pistons
• Bore & hone stock cylinder sleeves for new pistons
• O-ring cylinder top
• Install new copper head gasket
• Deck cylinder as required

STAGE 1 Cylinder Head Specification:

• Single plug head used, mild porting to increase air flow. CFM charts will be provided
• Deck head as required
• Inspect valve seats. Grind as required
• Inspect valve guides. Replace with silicon bronze
• Modify head for conversion from torsion bars to coil valve springs
• Provide new stainless steel intake & exhaust valves
• Provide valve springs, lash caps, retainers and keepers
• Inspect cam chain. Replace as required
• Inspect cam followers. Replace as required
• Inspect cam bearings. Replace as required
• Install new rubber boots for carburetors
• Install copper head gasket
• Install mild performance intake & exhaust cams


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That "Cafe Stage 1" build looks like the route I was going to take later this summer. With one or two Stage 2 add ons. I'm saving the pennies as I type.. ;)

Hell, I had all of the info, but had'nt posted it up. I did'nt think anyone was interested based on the rate of discussion..

GB :mrgreen:

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MilestoGo said:
** Gulp **
I can dream ....
Yeah, I know - there's not a chance in a rat's @#$ I'll ever be abke to afford any of that.

It sure would be nice to stun some plastic crotch-rockets though, wouldn't it??

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Anyone got $15,000 to spare?...I'll need chassis work and good tires/new wheels as well....... YIKES!

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Freedomgli, thanks for bumping this one!

I have always wondered what IT would cost and now I no longer have to. Unfortunately I wont be contacting Terry for his expert service anytime soon.

SO how do you get good performance gains with a Honda twin on the cheap? Eat light and keep a well maintained bike I guess... :(

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Got a nice message from Terry at Team Hansen apologising for the fact that they no longer make aluminium CR450 tanks as their supplier was not reliable enough. Terry told me the last tank he took an order for took 9 months to be made.

So - anyone got an aluminium CR450 tank for sale???

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I don't have an CR450 tank for sale but could you have a replica made?
It may be difficult to get it exact but maybe you can achieve the general idea from photographs?

A friend of mine just had a tank made for his 400/4 in Melbourne by Ryan at Historic and Vintage Restorations -
You can see Ryan working on the tank on their site -

I stopped by there early 2013 to see it in progress, they do some beautiful work. You will notice they normally work on rare cars, motorcycle tanks are not their main focus but you might be able to get them to do another one. I think their labor rate is quite expensive, but if unlike my friend you know what you want it might be ok. You might be able to find someone else cheaper?
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