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I just finished adjusting the tappets on my CJ360, a task which took a few tries to get nailed down. In the end, it was due to a "A-ha!" moment while pouring through threads here that helped me get it nailed down.

A couple things that helped me - If you're going to bend yourself a straight feeler gauge to work, I'd suggest making your bend at about a centimeter from the tip of the feeler gauge. I'd recommend one of the tappet gauges from Motion Pro. They make the job a bit easier. Also, both tappets should have a bit of free play when you adjust them. If not, try rotating the engine again.

Also, getting the LT and T marks to stay lined up while adjusting the valves is difficult by yourself. I'm sure everyone and their dog is able to come up with a way to do this easily, but this worked so well I thought I'd share it.

A floor jack situated below the 14" combination wrench I used to turn the rotor worked just perfect for holding things in place.

It worked equally well holding the rotor from turning backwards while doing the right side

Hope that's helpful for someone.
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