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Taking Off The Chain

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While waiting for tires to be mounted, I've got the chain apart and just kinda laying there. I want to take it off, soak it, clean it, and re-oil.

Can I take it off the front sprocket without removing the cover. Looks possible to just pull it thru. More important is......can it be put back on around that sprocket with the cover on? That looks possible also.

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Why not take it apart and do it right??? That way if something else is wrong then you catch it in advance. Plus you can clean behind the drive sprocket cover and inspect the sprocket itself while you're in there. You'll learn a little as well. It's not often a good idea to "cut corners" on two wheels, but to each his own I guess..

No offense.

GB :mrgreen:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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