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Hello! I'm new to the forum, and have a fair bit of reading / researching to do, but I thought I'd pose the question in case anyone has any thoughts or might be able to help direct me to the right places :)

Some friends decided to do a bike challenge where we have a very limited budget (in my case, after buying the bike I've got ~$450 left) to make the bike able to ride from Southern Indiana down to the Kentucky Adventure Trail, and attempt to ride the portion of the trail we can get to for a long weekend.

This means taking the bike & trying to do whatever possible to make it more off-road capable. Bigger wheels where possible, getting more knobby tires (luckily tires are "free" to the budget), trying to increase and improve suspension travel, etc.

I've got a small machine shop, so can make / weld anything I might need to, but am not familiar with older Honda's. Being a relatively normal female, I wanted a bike I'd be able to pick up, but hope to try to get some weight out (while adding a skid plate though :grin:). I don't want to tear up the bike, but rather make it as capable as possible to just have some fun & learn an older bike while I'm at it :)

So, if anyone has thoughts or suggestions on ideas / must-do's / etc. I'd love to hear them!!

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