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Hi folks,

First off, thank you to all you posters on here. I’ve solved several issues with my bike lurking the forums here, good stuff.

Here’s a problem I couldn’t find an answer to in the archives, bit of a weird one. So, its a ‘76 cb360T with the stock tail light. I noticed the tail light wasn’t working, so I took a peak under there and the metal ring (I’ve seen it called a spade on here, I’m assuming its the ground) was just dangling loose on the other two wires.

I can see where the spade is supposed to sit (there’s a little notch in the rubber on the backside of the bulb socket) and the light works properly if I hold it there with a bit of pressure. But, what the heck is supposed to keep the spade in place?

I can’t see any evidence that the spade was souldered or glued in place and there aren’t any bolts or anything to keep it there. Did some kind of piece fall off? The parts diagram I found for the tail light assembly is shown from the front side of the light, so I can’t tell. The rear fender gets enough vibrations while running that my half-assed Gorilla Tape job isn’t cutting it.

Ideas? Suggestions? Any feedback is much appreciated.
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